Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Aidan Koch + Martha Verschaffel at Kornél in Antwerp

Huis Haas - a new curation project by Mayken Craenen and myself - is all itchy and excited to present its very first exhibition at coffee bar Kornél.

Aidan Koch from Portland, USA will present her poetic pencil drawings and whimsical watercolours in her first Belgian solo show and accompanying zine "The Dancer at Midnight". Meanwhile, Martha Verschaffel’s bittersweet pencil drawings will haunt us in her mini show and zine presentation "Owl Cave II". On the 23rd of March from 18 until 21h, we'll throw a small welcome party for both their new books. Welcome!

WHAT: Aidan Koch - "The Dancer at Midnight" + Martha Verschaffel - "Owl Cave II"
WHERE: Kornél - Sint-Lambertusstraat 1 - Antwerpen - Belgium
WHEN: opening on March 23 from 18-21h, show running until May 18 - open Mon-Fri from 9:30-18:30h + Sun from 12-19h