Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ephameron x MartHa!tentatief

What would you do when a brilliant theatre company approaches you to draw 100 pictures for their newest play? In February, Ephameron stars in a new chapter of her career performing on stage with the Antwerp-based MartHa!tentatief, well-known for their inventive, experimental and personal theatre pieces. Using her drawings as the actors and backdrop, the story is based around who passes through a certain park in a certain big city. Because there's park people and there's vacation people, and people who can't afford vacations will spend their free time at the park. Poles, jews, joggers, unfriendly ladies with friendly dogs, and who knows, maybe even you?

Be quick, because the MartHa!tentatief is renowned for selling out their performances quickly, so get your tickets while they're hot!

WHAT > "Polen op Zondag"
WHERE + WHEN > 05/02: Bourla - 12/02: cc Luchtbal - 18/02: cc De Kern - 25/02: cc Ekeren - 26/02: cc Deurne