Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring 2010

Hi to all!

It's a busy few weeks so I thought I'd post some images and dates about upcoming shows for you... If you’d like to stay informed about all the latest news, just hook up on Facebook on my fanpage!

First of all, some space for friends.

In Antwerp at Mekanik Strip, this Friday April 16 from 18h, Bfree / Merijn Hos and Morcky are teaming up for a double show and signing their new fantastic books published by Buzzworks. On top of that, Modart is presenting their first book as well. The show’s running only until April 26, so you’ve got to think fast!

Meanwhile at Avenue, our dear Marcus Oakley is currently showing off his talents in a bewildering and colourful solo show, a must-see for those of you who missed him at Art Trek last summer. Running until May 13...

16/04-25/04: Bfree and Morcky at Mekanik
31/03-13/05: Marcus Oakley at Avenue

Then on to my own publicity :)
There’s a couple of interesting shows coming up, so here’s an update:

I’ll be working at Kartell all weekend to finish a giant tape drawing installation on the windows of their Brussels flagship store entitled “Everything in Between”. It will be visible throughout the Art Brussels fair, April 21 until May 2, and is open 24/7, so come on down whenever you’re in the neighbourhood.

Also, I’m collaborating with fellow illustrative artists Brecht Vandenbroucke, Hannelore Van Dijck and Ward Zwart on a group show called “Thumb Wars” at Plan B in Bruges running from May 1 until 31, juxtaposing our different styles and techniques in a visual battle! Check out the flyer with image by the amazing Ward Zwart and my own typography.

21/04-02/05: “Everything in Between”, installation
01/05-31/05: “Thumb Wars”, group show

Since 2008, Kim Troubleyn and I have been collaborating with culture centre De Kern in Wilrijk near Antwerp. Every two months, we set up an art installation and produce matching multiples for visitors of their events, like Valentine’s day cards, match boxes, movie handkerchiefs, postcards, stickers,... Any time you visit, there’s something to see in the building that we made so don’t be shy and come on by!

For all you t-shirt lovers, there’s a new design on its way: after being hatched for years, it’s finally coming out on Friday May 14 at 18h at (who else) streetwear store Avenue. The Ephameron x Avenue collaboration will be available in a limited edition of black and white t-shirts for men, and in a super limited edition in blue for boys and purple for girls. Don’t hesitate or you’ll be late...

2008-2011: Kim & Ephameron at cc De Kern
14/05-31/06: Ephameron x Avenue t-shirt launch

More exciting news: thanks to popular demand, the “Ebb and Flow” group exhibition at cc Ter Dilft in Bornem will run a week longer, until April 30! So there’s even more time to enjoy the works of Anke Feuchtenberger, Cody Hudson, Hedof, Ephameron, Nigel Peake and Thomas Mazzarella. With a free 48 page catalogue for every visitor...

27/03-30/04: “Ebb and Flow” group show at cc Ter Dilft in Bornem

And last but not least, some more future plans: I’m contributing to a group show in Paris with Pictoplasma called “Pen to Paper” at Galerie LJ, running from May 1 until 26 / Galerie van der Mieden is taking me to the Amsterdam Art fair which runs from May 26 until 30 / Another show in Amsterdam called “Ladies First” is approaching, opening on May 27 and featuring girls only / Art Trek 7 looks delicious already and will open on July 31, while best buddy Louis Reith is working hard on its portfolio book (shhh! Top Secret!) / I’m finishing a comic book that is to be published by Bries this fall after 3 years of hard work / and many more to come

Loads of things to look forward to!
Hope to see you soon,
Eva / online shop open now!

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